Beach Rules and Regulations
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Whether you are a permanent resident, seasonal owner, an owner renting their property or a visting renter, it is important to adhere to these Regulations so that we may all enjoy our time in Misquamicut.

  • Clark, Benson, and Lawton beaches are private MFD properties for use of renters, residents, and property owners and their guests.
  • The operating hours are:
    Daily - 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
    Weekends & Holidays - 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Parking lots will remain open until 8:00 pm or dark, whichever comes sooner; no lifeguards will be on duty after 6:00 pm.
  • All patrons must be in possession of a beach/bathhouse pass or valid local hotel room key to gain access to MFD property.
  • Instructions of lifeguards and other MFD employees must be obeyed.
  • No walking on dunes for any reason.
  • No sitting in front of lifeguard stations; a clear path to the water must be maintained.
  • No dogs at any time.
  • No skim boarding, ball playing, frisbee throwing, or any other activity that may endanger beach patrons.
  • No alcoholic beverages or drugs; violators may be asked to leave MFD property and are also subject to arrest by Westerly PD.
  • No glass containers allowed on beach.
  • No surf boarding at any time; small plastic boards (boogie boards) used for body surfing are allowed.
  • No metal shovels are allowed. No hole can be deeper than 2 feet. Holes must be filled in and sand castles taken down before patron leaves beach.
  • Remove all trash when leaving beaches, either putting in the trash containers provided or disposing of at home. Please recycle.
  • All injuries should be reported to the nearest lifeguard immediately.
  • A missing person situation must be reported to the nearest lifeguard immediately.
  • Be respectful and neat in the use of the bathrooms.
  • No cigarette butts to be left on beach; use available containers.
  • No tents or canopies are allowed. Small igloos (no larger than 27 cubic feet) used for protection of infants are allowed but only along the dune fence line at the north side of the beach. When that space is used up, no additional igloos are allowed.
  • Radios may be played only with the use of personal listening devices such as earphones.
  • No fishing allowed during beach operating hours or when patrons are still on the beach.
  • MFD recommends that patrons swim only when the lifeguards are on duty.
  • No fires allowed at any time.
  • Articles left on beach before opening time may be removed for beach cleaning.
  • Patrons on beach before opening time may be asked to move for beach cleaning.